When Two Worlds Collide: Studio Ceramics and the Factory 

From the Industrial Revolution, ceramics produced in factories were made by skilled workers where the work was divided into tasks - preparing clay, throwing, slip-casting, decorating, and firing - often in hazardous and poorly paid conditions. In the early 20th century, studio potters believed that all stages of pottery production should be done by the potter themselves following the traditions… Read More

Walter Keeler

Walter Keeler is an internationally renowned potter who creates useful pieces that explores the sculptural potential of functional design. His fascination with pots stems from his childhood, mud larking along the tidal banks of the Thames. The ceramic fragments he found kindled a passion for old pots, and, subliminally, a tactical key to the methods of those long dead potters.… Read More

Conscious Dreaming

Conscious Dreaming An exhibition inspired by the works of Christine Penn and Frances Emma Richards. Sat 24 June 2023 to Sun 24 September 2023 ‘Conscious dreaming has parallels to our creative process, when we are working it is somewhere between control and letting go.’  – Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes In 2020 Vicky Lindo (b.1980) and Bill Brookes (b.1980) were invited by… Read More

Richard Batterham and Friends

Richard Batterham (1936-2021) was dedicated to living a self-sufficient life with his family in Durweston, Dorset, tending to his garden and making pots every day. He referred to his lifestyle as a ‘quietness of living’. Batterham undertook every stage of the process of making pottery himself, from processing raw clay to firing his huge three-chamber oil-fired climbing kiln. He made… Read More


Three Welsh ceramicists inspired by the forces of nature. Beverley Bell Hughes Carine Van Gestel Kim Colebrook   14th January - 26th March 2023. As a young girl, Beverley Bell Hughes enjoyed making pinch pots, but this was discouraged during her training at Harrow in the 1960s: she was expected to make thrown, functional ware in the tradition of Bernard Leach… Read More

150 years of Ceramics at Aberystwyth: The gift, bequest and funding of the Ceramic Collection at Aberystwyth University 1872-2022

This exhibition is selection of the gifts, bequests and purchases for the Ceramic Collection to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Aberystwyth University. The Ceramic Collection is of national importance and stands shoulder to shoulder with other collections of studio ceramics at the V&A and the Centre of Ceramic Art at York Art Gallery. It forms part of… Read More

Paul Scott: New American Scenery

  Paul Scott: New American Scenery 09th July -25th September 2022 Paul Scott is well known for his provocative, politically conscious work. He uses familiar transfer-printed tableware designs like the Willow Pattern to comment on our life and times. This exhibition features ceramics inspired by the so-called ‘American transfer-ware’ that was made in 19th century Staffordshire and decorated with imagery… Read More

Zoe Preece: In Reverence

  Cardiff based artist Zoe Preece has created this series of ordinary domestic objects - intricately carved by hand from porcelain or turned from plaster on a lathe (a machine that spins at speed from which plaster forms can be carved). These fragile and beautifully crafted objects attempt to engage with the intangible, unsettling and tender aspects of domestic life.… Read More

PAUL WEARING: Flux and Poise

Ceramics Gallery Aberystwyth Arts Centre 16/10/2021-08/01/2022   flux & poise is an exhibition of new work stemming from my Material Matters project, funded by Arts Council of Wales. The body of work exhibited reveals key developments in my practice since July 2019 when resident at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, where I immersed myself in the diverse West Wales landscape. The project… Read More