Working in-between the concepts of illusion and reality, ceramic artist Jin Eui Kim explores how our perception of three-dimensional objects can be manipulated using tone and different arrangements of clay. 

 For this solo exhibition, Simplicity and Complexity, Jin Eui has created a series of new pieces that continue to use intricate optical effects to attract and trick the eye. Through investigating how and why visual phenomena appear, Jin Eui’s research explores optical illusions, visual perception, and OP Art (optical art). He has been particularly influenced by the signature reverse perspective of painter Patrick Hughes; Bridget Riley’s geometric painting; ceramic artist Liz Fritsch’s use of patterns; and the consideration of volume and density by contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor.  

 Through researching these different principles and techniques, Jin Eui has developed a strong sense of creative purpose, creating his own effects that experiment with linear elements, different types of gradients, and the relationship between an object and its background. This creates different visual phenomena that shift depending on how you glance, look, or examine his pieces.  

“The title ‘Simplicity and Complexity’ are words that are always in my mind when creating and evaluating my artworks. While some visual effects or illusions may appear simple or easy to experience, others may be complex or difficult to perceive.” – Jin Eui Kim  

Jin Eui is an internationally renowned ceramic artist who has been working in Wales for 17 years.  


27 Ebrill – 23 Mehefin / 27 April – 23 June

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