Aberystwyth Ceramics Touring Exhibitions

Aberystwyth University has one of the major collections of non-industrial British ceramics in the UK, with a noteworthy collection of international contemporary ceramics. We regularly lend works for exhibitions elsewhere in the UK and abroad. We currently have three touring exhibitions from the collection designed for the use of small venues, colleges or libraries where the displays can be seen by students and the general public who do not live near major collections. In recent years we have generated touring exhibitions from Arts Council funded projects please see the exhibitions below for more information.

Each exhibition is accompanied by supporting print and web materials including:

  • Handling collection, which gives people a more interactive experience with ceramic objects and their uses.
  • Education Pack (including worksheets for primary school children and more specialised information for adults)
  • Family Learning Activities
  • Supporting information including posters, wall texts etc. available in English and Welsh.

From £500 + VAT hire fee (per month, negotiable). Insurance value is £3-6,000 depending on exhibition.
One way transport provided.