Ceramic Collection and Archive Mission Statement

The Ceramic Collection of Aberystwyth University is one of the major collections of non-industrial ceramics in Britain, with circa 2000 pieces. The main purpose of the collection is to collect, document and preserve non-industrial ceramics as evidence of the highest achievements of contemporary British and International Ceramics since the early 20th century.

Our aim is to facilitate and develop access to the Ceramic Collection to as wide an audience as possible through exhibitions, education and learning programmes, publications, new media and by individual request. We support research initiatives by providing access to an active Ceramic Archive that acquires, catalogues and develops finding aids for a wide range of printed and audio visual material relating to the collection itself, and also to international and British non-industrial ceramics in general.

We are particularly committed to contributing to the visual culture of Wales by collecting, documenting and exhibiting Welsh ceramics, and also by developing exhibitions and activities for a local audience and participating in the International Ceramics Festival. We aim to follow best practice for all activities relating to the Ceramic Collection, and take due regard for the promotion of Equal Opportunity, Arts and Disability and Cultural Diversity.