Craft Potters Association Archive

At the National Library of Wales

The Craft Potter’s Association  Archive is held at the National Library
of Wales. You will need a reader’s ticket to do research there which you can order in advance and request the material you need at the same time. If you are unable to visit yourself, please email us with your query as we may be able to send someone on your behalf.

e.g. Craft Potters Association Archive
1, C1997/1998, Box. 62, Svend Bayer)

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Below is a list of material in the CPA archive.






CPA: Records of the Craft Potters Association

Records collected by the Craft Potters Association:

ORG: Organisations

MLP: Museums, Libraries and Public Art Galleries, etc.

EDUC: Educational Establishments

PSG: Private Shops and Galleries

AUC: Auctions

SUP: Potters Suppliers

POT: Individual Potters and Potteries

PUB: Miscellaneous Publications

NUK: Non-UK Material

MIS: Miscellaneous


The University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceramic
Archive was deposited in the Library in May 1997 per Moira Vincentelli,
School of Art, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth.

The Craft Potters Association archive was
initiated in the early 1970s by Robert Fournier, a CPA member, with the
aim of collecting documents which would maintain a record of the origins,
organisation, activities and development of the Association. By 1988,
the CPA archive had grown into a substantial body of material which needed
a more permanent and larger location, and its holdings were offered and
accepted by the University of Wales Ceramic Archive, based at the School
of Art, Aberystwyth.

The archive contains material showing how
the Craft Potters Association was formed between 1956 and 1957 with the
help of the Rural Industries Bureau. In 1958, the Association was registered
as a Provident Society and as such was, and is, still organised and run
by its members. The Minutes of Council and Annual General Meetings are
included from the 1950s to the present time. There is also material showing
the range of CPA activities, the most important being exhibition and educational

Also included are details of exhibitions
held at the CPA shop, London, since 1960 and at other larger venues. Price
lists and correspondence relating to solo and group exhibitions are also
to be found, together with documents and correspondence concerning the
selection process for membership of the CPA. Financial records and accounts
are also included. Material relating to educational activities includes
information sheets on individual potters’ talks, workshops, potters camps,
festivals and film festivals. There is a wealth of material which documents
the organisation of these events by CPA members. The CPA papers also provide
a unique record of the development and evolution of the Association.

Other material relating to a wider field
of ceramics production and activities was also collected: journals and
magazines; publicity material for exhibitions from museums, libraries,
galleries, educational establishments and shops; publications from auction
rooms; catalogues from pottery supplies; information about individual
potters and potteries, miscellaneous cuttings and other relevant material. In
addition photographs were collected, many of which relate to CPA events. These
have been transferred to the Department of Pictures and Maps (199800201-199800211). Audio
Visual Aids received as part of the archive have been transferred to The
Sound and Moving Image Collection (VM5674, CM6863, CM6864, FS-UWACA 1-10).

Readers wishing to consult items from this archive
should quote both the box number and file reference.


Box No. 1

File Ref. CPA 1

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports
of working parties, rough drafts of the prospectus, etc.


File Ref. CPA2/1

Annual General Meetings: agendas, minutes,
related correspondence, etc.


Box No. 2

File Ref. CPA2/2

Meetings of Council and sub-committees: agendas,
minutes, notes, related correspondence, etc.


Box No. 3

File Ref. CPA2/3

CPA Accounts, sales reports from the Craft
Potters Shop;

Salaries Book 1960-6

Income Tax and National Insurance documents

File Ref. CPA2/4

Lists of members, application forms for
membership, subscription reminders, membership cards, etc.


Box No. 4

File Ref. CPA3/1

Evening Meetings: publicity material, booking
forms, some correspondence and notes, including an earlier (incomplete)
list of speakers and the titles of their talks for the period up to 1983.


Box No. 5

File Ref. CPA3/2/a

Diverse material relating to conferences,
outings, trips abroad, parties, practical demonstrations etc, organised
by the CPA, including an earlier (incomplete) list, covering the period
up to 1983.


Box No. 6

File Ref. CPA3/2/b

Film Festival at York.



Box No. 7

File Ref. CPA4/a

Publicity material, correspondence, catalogues,
sales sheets reviews, invitations to private views, entry forms, etc. relating
to exhibitions organised, or participated in, by the CPA and also relating
to the CPA’s exhibition policy. (An earlier list of exhibitions, covering
the years 1957 to 1983 is included in the first box.)


Box No. 8

File Ref. CPA4/b

Publicity material, correspondence, catalogues,
sales sheets reviews, invitations to private views, entry forms, etc.,
relating to exhibitions organised, or participated in, by the CPA and also
relating to the CPA’s exhibition policy. (An earlier list of exhibitions,
covering the years 1957 to 1983 is included in the first box.)


Box No. 9

File Ref. CPA4/c

Publicity material, correspondence, catalogues,
sales sheets reviews, invitations to private views, entry forms, etc. relating
to exhibitions organised, or participated in, by the CPA and also relating
to the CPA’s exhibition policy. (An earlier list of exhibitions, covering
the years 1957 to 1983 is included in the first box.)



Box No. 10

File Ref. CPA4/d

Publicity material, correspondence, catalogues,
sales sheets reviews, invitations to private views, entry forms, etc.,
relating to exhibitions organised, or participated in, by the CPA and also
relating to the CPA’s exhibition policy. (An earlier list of exhibitions,
covering the years 1957 to 1983 is included in the first box.)



Box No. 11

File Ref. CPA5/1

Lists and advertising material for books
produced by Ceramic Review.

File Ref. CPA5/2

Year Book 1966

Films on Craft Ceramics.

First edition 1970

Second edition 1978

Potters: An Illustrated Directory of the Work of the
Full Members of the Craftsmen Potters Association

Third Edition 1975

Fourth Edition 1977

The Ceramic Review Book of Glaze Recipes 1977

Revised and enlarged edition 1978

Souvenir Booklet of Potters Camp, Losely Park, Guildford 1975

Souvenir Booklet of the Dartington Craft Camp 1977

File Ref. CPA5/3/a


Aug. 1957

Nov. 1957

April 1958

July 1958

Feb. 1959

July 1959

Feb. 1960

Dec. 1960

Aug. 1961

Sept. 1962

June 1963

Summer 1964

File Ref. CPA5/3/b

News Sheets

Feb. 1965

April 1965

June 1965

Aug. 1965

Oct. 1965

Dec. 1965

Jan. 1966

March 1966

May 1966

July 1966

Oct. 1966

Dec. 1966

Feb. 1967

April 1967

June 1967

Aug. 1967

Dec. 1967

Feb. 1968

May 1968

Sept. 1968

Dec. 1968

Feb. 1969

May 1969

(?Sept.) 1969

Dec. 1969

File Ref. CPA5/3/c


Winter 1985/6

Box No. 12

File Ref. CPA5/3/d




Box No. 13

File Ref. CPA6/1

Diverse material relating to films about
pottery produced for, shown by, and owned by the CPA

Box No. 14

File Ref. CPA6/1

Diverse material relating to films about
pottery produced for, shown by, and owned by the CPA

Box No. 15

File Ref. CPA6/2

The CPA Shop: correspondence, publicity
material, price lists, cuttings, etc., relating to the setting up and running
of the shop and to items sold within it.

File Ref. R CPA6/3

General correspondence

File Ref. CPA6/4


Box No. 16

File Ref. CPA7

CPA Restructuring Documents:

Restructuring of CPA from Friendly Society
to Charity Status, etc.

Legal documents and correspondence documenting
evolution and negotiation of changes from 1980s to 1990s and new rule book.

File Ref. CPA8

Associates of CPA: Constitution, Members
Lists, Exhibitions, Activities, Agendas, Minutes, etc.


Box No. 17/a

File Ref. ORG1/1

Crafts Advisory Committee/Crafts Council:

Crafts Advisory Council, correspondence,
press releases, exhibitions, etc.

Ceramic Forms, recent work by seven British Potters 1974

The work of the Craft Advisory Committee, 1971-74

The work of the Craft Advisory Committee, 1974-77

New directions in the Crafts

Craftsmen of Quality, Crafts Advisory Committee 1976

Domestic Pottery, Craft Advisory Committee 1977

Crafts Advisory Committee News

no. 1 Oct./Nov. 1977

no. 3 Feb./March 1978

no. 4 May 1978

no. 5 July 1978

no. 7 Dec. 1978

no. 8 Feb. 1979

no. 9 April 1979

VAT and the craftsman

Setting up a Workshop

Box No. 17/b

‘Say When’ a board game, Craft Advisory Committee


Box No. 18

File Ref. ORG1/2

Craft Council:


Craft Council News 1979-85

Makers News 1991-4

The work of the Crafts Council 1977-80

press releases, information about exhibitions,

Box No. 19

File Ref. ORG1/3

COSIRA (The Council for Small Industries
in Rural Areas)


File Ref. ORG1/3/1

Visitors Guide to Country Workshops in Britain 1963-5,
1969-73, and n.d.

COSIRA Guide to Country Workshops in Britain 1972,
1973 and n.d.

Crafts Workshops in the Countryside 1976,
1977, 1978, 1979

Wiltshire Newsletter

No. 2 May 1981

No. 13 March 1984

File Ref. ORG1/3/2

Miscellaneous: Press releases, reports,
information about loan schemes, exhibitions, courses, competitions, etc.

Box No. 20

File Ref. ORG1/4

British Crafts Centre 1977-84

Includes British Craft Centre Newsletter

Information about exhibitions, etc.

Box No. 21

File Ref. ORG1/5

Federation of British Craft Societies:

Includes newsletters, booklets, minutes
of meetings, information about exhibitions, etc.

Newsletter 1975-80

Income Tax and the Craftsman n.d.

Films on Craft Ceramics, second edition 1978


The Arts Council:

Press notices 1980-9

Arts Council Bulletin 1983-5

Education Bulletin 1983-4

Bernard Leach, The Arts Council 1961

The National Art Treasures of Korea, The
Arts Council 1961

Pottery and Textiles, 1920-1952, catalogue

An exhibition of Chinese Ceramics from Sir Alan Barlow’s
catalogue 1953

Loan exhibition of the T’ang Dynasty, The
Oriental Ceramic Society 1955


The Art Workers Guild: Annual Report 1976.


The British Council:

Press information 1979

Fine Arts News Sheet 1981-90

Box No. 22

File Ref. ORG1/9

Crafts Study Centre: correspondence, exhibitions,
news sheets, information leaflets, etc.

Crafts Study Centre News 1980-2


The Design Council: press releases, correspondence,


Guild of Master Craftsmen: correspondence,
press releases, etc.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen, The Aims and Objectives
of the Guild and How to Participate in the Benefits

Directory of Members, 1978-1979, The
Guild of Master Craftsmen

The Master Craftsman March 1979


The Institute of Ceramics


National Society of Painters, Sculptors
and Printmakers


The Rural Crafts Association


Society of Designer Craftsmen: Correspondence,
press releases, exhibitions, minutes, etc.

Society of Designer-Craftsmen, Year Book, 1974

Newsletter Sept./Oct. 1984


Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

Glazed expressions

Summer 1981

Spring 1983


Box No. 23

File Ref. ORG2/1a

Scottish organizations: correspondence,
press releases, newsletters, exhibitions, etc.

The Scottish Craftsmen Potters Association,
correspondence, newsletters, press releases 1976-83

Newsletter, Scottish Potters’

Sept. 1988

Spring 1991

Bulletin, Craftpoint

no. 19 July 1989

no. 20 Jan. 1990

Crafts News

?Summer 1987

Autumn 1988

Winter 1988

Spring 1989

Autumn 1989

Winter 1989

Spring 1990

Summer 1990

Spring 1991

Crafts News Extra

?Summer 1990

A Buyers Guide to Gifts and Crafts in the Scottish

Buyers Guide, retail products from Scotland

Box No. 24

File Ref. ORG2/1b

Craft Work, Scotland’s Crafts Magazine

Summer 1972

Summer I 1973

Summer II 1973

Spring 1974-

Autumn 1977

May-June 1978-

May/June 1979

Sept./Oct. 1989

Jan./Feb. 1980-

March/April 1982

Aug. 1983

Spring 1984

Autumn 1984-

Spring 1986

Autumn 1986-

Winter 1987

Summer 1988

Box No. 25

File Ref. ORG2/2

Southern Arts

Includes Southern Arts Diary and Review 1973-7

Southern Arts Bulletin, press releases, etc. 1980-5

File Ref. ORG2/3

South Wales Potters

Includes SWP Newsletter, minutes,
information about exhibitions, events, etc. 1975-92

Box No. 26

File Ref. ORG2/4

Eastern Arts Association 1977-85

Includes Eastword and information
sheets, annual reports and Artist Craftsmen in Norwich and Norfolk

Box No. 27

File Ref. ORG2/5

Yorkshire Arts Association, press releases c. 1988

Arts Yorkshire 1981-6

‘… in Yorkshire’ 1974-81

Yorkshire Artscene

Dec./Jan. 1986/7

March 1987

June/July 1987

Extending Frontiers: Black Artists at Work, Yorkshire Arts 1988

Arts and Disability, Yorkshire Arts 1988

No Limits, Women in the Arts ?1988

Yorkshire Arts, Directory of Artists 1988

Box No. 28

File Ref. ORG2/6

Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts, press
releases 1977

Arts Diary 1977-87

A Survey of Craftsmen in Lincolnshire and
Humberside ?1980

Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts Quarterly

no. 25 Winter 1976

no. 26 Spring 1977

Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts, Thirteenth Annual

File Ref. ORG2/7

Northern Potters Association, correspondence,
exhibitions, etc. Includes:

Northern Potters Association Newsletter

no. 7 May/June 1979

no. 8 ?1979

Clay, the magazine of the Northern Potters Association

no. 11 n.d.

no. 16 n.d.

File Ref. ORG2/8

North West Craftsmen

File Ref. ORG2/9

North West Arts

File Ref. ORG2/10

Red Rose Guild

File Ref. ORG2/11a

Guild of Yorkshire Craftsmen.


Yorkshire Crafts Review 1979, Oct. 1980, Winter 1981

File Ref. ORG2/11b

Mid Pennines Art Association

Box No. 29

File Ref. ORG2/12

Art News, Welsh Arts Council no. 15 April 1986

Made in Mid Wales, a buyers guide to craft and consumer
Development Board for Rural Wales 1978

Buyers Guide, Products made in Mid Wales, Mid
Wales Development

West Wales Crafts Trails 1996

International Ceramics Symposium, Cardiff ‘75

Link 54, South East Wales Arts Association

Contact, a magazine of European Folk Studies Winter 1985

Oriel: design service, exhibitions, etc.

Welsh Arts Council, correspondence, exhibitions,

Wales Craft Council Ltd, correspondence,
press releases, etc.

West Wales Arts: Animation, – pamphlet May 1987

Craft exhibition venues, craft brochures,

File Ref. ORG2/13a

Association of Artists & Designers in
Wales, correspondence

File Ref. ORG2/13b

Barbican Arts Group

File Ref. ORG2/14

The Bladon Society of Arts and Crafts, exhibitions

File Ref. ORG2/15

Bristol Guild, exhibition poster 1987

File Ref. ORG2/16

The Cornwall Crafts Association, exhibitions,
newsletters 1975-87

File Ref. ORG2/17

The Craftsmen Potters of South Wales (empty

File Ref. ORG2/18

Dacorum and Chiltern Potters Guild, newsletters,
lectures, posters, etc.

Includes, Dacorum and Chiltern Potters
Guild newsletter c.
1976-8, 1996-7

File Ref. ORG2/19a

The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, exhibitions,
invitations, posters, catalogues, directory of members, etc., 1956, 1974-93

File Ref. ORG2/19b

East Anglian Potters Association, newsletter,
Oct. 1989

File Ref. ORG2/20

East Midlands Arts – exhibition – Sudbury
Hall Potts

File Ref. ORG2/21

Greater London Arts Association – Arts
, No. 8, Feb. 1980

File Ref. ORG2/22

Guild of Gloucestershire Craftsmen, press
statements, etc.

File Ref. ORG2/23

Guild of Hampshire and Berkshire Craftsmen,
press release, 1983

File Ref. ORG2/24

Guild of Lakeland Craftsmen/Craft North

File Ref. ORG2/25

Guild of Sussex Craftsmen, newsletter, press
release, 1976, 1985

File Ref. ORG2/26

Guild of North Wales Potters, newspaper
cutting (Guardian), 8 Aug. 1973

File Ref. ORG2/27

Isle of Mull Craft Guild, exhibition, 1978

File Ref. ORG2/28

Kennett Craftsmen, newsletter, 1978

Box No. 30

File Ref. ORG2/29

Kent Potters Association, correspondence,
exhibition posters and invitations, etc.


Kent Potters Association Newsletter 1980-4

Kent Potters Association News 1984-8

Kent Potters 1988-91

KPA News 1992-3

File Ref. ORG2/30

Midland Potters Association, information,
exhibitions, etc. Includes:

Midland Potters Association newsletter 1980-2

MPA News Aug. 1985

File Ref. ORG2/31

Northampton Potters

File Ref. ORG2/32

The Society of Craftsmen (Padstow, Cornwall)

File Ref. ORG2/33

The Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, catalogue,
press releases, 1981-2

File Ref. ORG2/34

South East Arts, press releases 1981

Arts in Surrey Oct. 1977

Arts News March 1978

Buy More Art 1979

File Ref. ORG2/35

South West Arts:

Crafts South West 1980-1

Arts South West May/June 1982

File Ref. ORG2/36

Southern Ceramics Group, newsletter, 1982

File Ref. ORG2/37

Suffolk Craft Society, exhibitions, press
releases, directory of members, etc. Includes:

The Crafts in Suffolk, Suffolk Craft Society, 1987

File Ref. ORG2/38

Wealdon pottery group, exhibitions, Annual
Report 1981-2, summer programme 1982

File Ref. ORG2/39

The West of England Association of Craftsmen,
newsletters, exhibitions, etc., 1974-8

File Ref. ORG2/40

West London Craftsmen, exhibition catalogue,

File Ref. ORG2/41

West Midland Arts, correspondence, press
releases, etc.

Includes Arts Report, Oct. 1981

File Ref. ORG2/42

West Oxfordshire Association

File Ref. ORG2/43

West Forest Potters

Newsletters, 1989-91

File Ref. ORG2/44

Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, exhibition,

File Ref. ORG2/45

Northern Potters Association, newsletters,
exhibitions, etc.

Includes Northern Potters Association exhibition
catalogue, 1989

File Ref. ORG2/46

Milton Keynes Craft Guild, correspondence,
exhibitions, etc., 1986-90

File Ref. ORG2/47

London Potters, exhibitions, newsletters,


Box No. 31

File Ref. MLP1/a


Publicity material, exhibition guides, invitations
to private views, etc.






Box No. 32

File Ref. MLP1/b

Publicity material, exhibition guides, invitations
to private views, etc., 1980-3, + undated

File Ref. MLP1/c

Publicity material, exhibition guides, invitations
to private views, etc., 1984-9

Box No. 33

File Ref. MLP1/d

Publicity material, exhibition guides, invitations
to private view, etc., 1990-6 + undated

Box No. 34

File Ref. MLP2/1

General publications relating to Museums:

Guide to London Museums and Galleries 1968

Museums and Galleries in Great Britain and Ireland 1969-70

Museums and Galleries in Great Britain and Ireland 1979

Miscellaneous material from the following:

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum

British Museum 1983-90

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Handbook,

Gladstone Pottery Museum, Stoke-on-Trent

Gladstone Pottery Museum Souvenir Brochure

exhibitions, press releases, postcards,
pamphlets, etc.

Glasgow Museum and Art Galleries, exhibitions,

Ipswich Museum

Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Marble Hill House, London

Museum of London

Museum of Mankind British Museum 1982-5

Press releases, events, education services,
photographs etc.

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, Illustrated
Guide to the Collection
, by Lady David, 1956

Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery,
press releases, events etc., 1982-6

Royal Academy of Arts

Ruskin Spear RA, A Retrospective Exhibition,

Stoke City Museum and Art Gallery 1980-90

posters, exhibitions, press notices, etc.

South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell

Southwark Library Museum and Art Galleries

Sunderland Arts Centre

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Victoria and Albert, exhibitions, events,
newsletters, newspaper cuttings, plans of the museum 1974-96

Brief Guide to the Museum, Second Edition 1964

House of Lords official report, Vol. 505, No.
56 22 March 1989

Waterside, London

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum

information, postcards

York City Art Gallery, exhibition leaflet,

Yorkshire Museum, York 1968

A Catalogue of English Country Pottery housed in the

Yorkshire Museum, York, by P. Brears


Box No. 35

File Ref. EDUC1/a

Exhibitions: Publicity material, invitations
to private views, catalogues, etc., relating both to exhibitions held at
universities, polytechnics, art colleges, schools and other educational
institutions, and to exhibitions of the work of students (especially degree
shows), 1956-85

Box No. 36

File Ref. EDUC1/b

Exhibitions, 1986-8

Box No. 37

File Ref. EDUC1/c

Exhibitions, 1989-96

Box No. 38

File Ref. EDUC2

Courses, Symposia, Pottery Training, etc.

File Ref. EDUC3

Miscellaneous: including Craft Teacher
No. 26, April 1977



Exhibitions in private shops and galleries

Publicity material, exhibition guides, price
lists, invitations to private views, information about potters (see also
Individual Potters and Potteries), etc.

Box No. 39

File Ref. PSG1/a


1930, 1948, 1950, 1955, 1958-9, 1962-3,

Box No. 40

File Ref. PSG1/b

Exhibitions, 1974-5

File Ref. PSG1/c

Exhibitions, 1976

Box No. 41

File Ref. PSG1/d

Exhibitions, 1977

File Ref. PSG1/e

Exhibitions, 1978

Box No. 42

File Ref. PSG1/f

Exhibitions, 1979

Box No. 43

File Ref. PSG1/g

Exhibitions, 1980

Box No. 44

File Ref. PSG1/h

Exhibitions, 1981

Box No. 45

File Ref. PSG1/i

Exhibitions, 1982-3

Box No. 46

File Ref. PSG1/j

Exhibitions, 1984-5

Box No. 47

File Ref. PSG1/k

Exhibitions, 1986

File Ref. PSG1/l

Exhibitions, 1987-8

Box No. 48

File Ref. PSG1/m

Exhibitions, 1989-90

Box No. 49

File Ref. PSG1/n

Exhibitions, 1991

File Ref. PSG1/o

Exhibitions, 1992-6 + undated

Box No. 50

File Ref. PSG1/p

Miscellaneous exhibitions, undated

Box No. 51

File Ref. PSG2

Publicity material and some correspondence
relating to:

Alicat Crafts Centre, Richmond

Artisan, Cardiff

Atmosphere, London

Barclaycraft, Brighton

Beckington Gallery, Beckington

Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

Canolfan Cynllun Crefft Cymru

(Craft Design Centre of Wales) Tregaron

Casson Gallery, London

Ceramics 7, Greenwich

Chagford Galleries, Chagford, Devon

Colin Jellicoe Gallery, Manchester

The Coach House Craft Gallery, near Burnley

Collection Craft Gallery, Ledbury, Herefordshire

The Craftsmen’s Gallery, Woodstock

Craftwork, Guildford

Focus Gallery, Nottingham

Forum Gallery, Brighton

Foxcote Tower Arts and Crafts Gallery, near

Gallery 24, Shaftesbury

Greenwich Display Centre

The Handweavers Studio and Gallery, London

Harvest, London

J. K. Hill Handmade Pottery Shop, Chelsea

Marie Jordan Craftshop and Gallery, Wakefield

Katherine House Gallery, Marlborough

Key Crafts, Evesham

Lantern Gallery, Worsley, Manchester

The Lock Shop, London

Long Street Gallery, Tetbury

Minkstone Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

O’Casey’s Craft Gallery, London

Ogle Fine Arts, Eastbourne

Oxford Gallery, Oxford

Pavot, Weybridge, Surrey

Portmeirion Shops Ltd

Primavera, Cambridge and London

Quadrangle Gallery, Oxford

Ratio Pottery, Birmingham

Ridware Arts Centre, Hamstall Ridware, Staffordshire

Craft Centre at the Royal Exchange Theatre,

The Seren Centre, Bala

St. James Gallery, Bath

Spectrum Designs, Wetherby

Warwick Gallery, Warwick

Windjammer Crafts, Salcombe, Devon

The Gallery, Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Yew Tree Gallery, Ellastone and Ingleby,


Box No. 52

File Ref. AUC1


press releases, pamphlets, auctions, etc.,

Bonhams auction guide

no. 9 May-July 1989

no. 10 Aug.-Sept. 1989

no. 11 Oct.-Dec. 1989

no. 13 April-June 1990

no. 14 July-Sept. 1990

no. 17 April-July 1991

Decorative Arts 1870-1940, auctions, 26 Jan. 1979, 4 May 1979, 28 March

File Ref. AUC2


press releases, newspaper cuttings, pamphlets,
etc., c. 1985-90

Catalogue: Art Nouveau, Art Decor and
Studio Ceramics,
23 September 1981


European Newsletter, Sotheby’s

Sept.-Oct. 1984

Oct.-Nov. 1984

Dec. 1985

Feb. 1986

Catalogue: A Highly Important Set of
Kakiemon Bottles in a Fitted Flemish Casket, The property of Monsieur
Louis Lavie of Switzerland,
7 June 1990

Catalogue: Colonnade, Design since 1935, 1
April 1996

File Ref. AUC3


pamphlets, press releases, etc.

Press release (dated 10 February 1977) relating
to a vase by Shoji Hamada to be sold at an auction of Japanese art at Sotheby’s
Parke Bernet, London, 23-4 Feb. 1977

‘Contemporary British Crafts’ auction, at Sotheby’s Belgravia, London:

Press release, 10 Dec. 1980

‘Contemporary Crafts at Auction’, cutting
from The Connoisseur, Nov. 1980

Press release, dated 11 December 1980 relating
to an auction of English Delftware from the collection of Louis L. Lipski,
at New Bond Street, 10 March 1981

Cutting from The Times, relating
to the sale of a Hans Coper stoneware vase, and announcing a summer sale
of Art Pottery and Studio Ceramics at Sotheby’s Belgravia, 10 Feb. 1981

Photocopy from Sotheby’s European Newsletter. July/Aug.
1985 relating to an exhibition of Contemporary Studio Ceramics in the Kiddell
Gallery, New Bond Street, 28 Aug. – 13 Sept. 1985

Order form for a catalogue for an auction
of Chinese ceramics, bronzes and works of art, in New York, 12 November
(no year given)


General Potters’ Suppliers

Catalogues, price lists, publicity material,
press releases, correspondence, invoices, etc., from the following:

Box No. 53

File Ref. SUP1/a

Harrison Mayer Ltd including the Harrison
Mayer Newsletter,
nos. 1-7, 9-34, Feb. 1973 – Sept. 1982

Box No. 54

File Ref. SUP1/b

Podmore and Sons Ltd, and Potterycrafts
Ltd including Ceramists Handbook 2nd edition, 1958

Box No. 55

File Ref. SUP1/c

Wengers Ltd

Box No. 56

File Ref. SUP1/di

E. J. Arnold

Bath Potters’ Supplies

Dick Blick Co., Illinois

Celtic Ceramic Crafts (Gwent) Ltd

Creative Ceramics


Box No. 57

File Ref. SUP1/dii

Ferro (Great Britain) Ltd

The Fulham Pottery

Thos E. Gray & Co. Ltd


Medcol (Cornwall) Ltd

& Hubball Ltd

The Pot Shop, Islington

Potclays Ltd

J. W. Ratcliffe & Sons

SWACS (South Wales Arts and Crafts Supplies)

Box No. 58

File Ref. SUP2

Clay, Grazes etc.: catalogues, price lists,
publicity material, correspondence, technical information, etc.

Box No. 59

File Ref. SUP3/a

Kilns and Burners: catalogues, price lists,
publicity material, press releases, correspondence, technical information,

Box No. 60

File Ref. SUP3/b

Kilns and Burners: catalogues, price lists,
etc., continued.

Includes: British Ceramic Review,
Winter 1991, Spring 1993 – Winter 1994

Box No. 61

File Ref. SUP4

Wheels: catalogues, price lists, publicity material, correspondence, etc.

File Ref. SUP5

Tools and Small Equipment: catalogues,
price lists, publicity material, press releases, correspondence, etc.


Box No. 62

File Ref. POT1

Individual Potters – UK:

Newspaper cuttings, publicity material,
curriculum vitae (see also the EXHIBITIONS categories elsewhere), correspondence,
catalogues, price lists, etc.

Joyce Adams

Tim Andrews

& Derek Andrews (Prickwillow Pottery)

Dan Arbeid

Oldrich Asenbryl

Paul Astbury

Chris Aston

Karen Atherley

Chris Avis

Gordon Baldwin

Katherine Pleydell Bouverie

Val Barry (see also Fox)

Glenys Barton

Richard Batterham

Svend Bayer

Peter Beard

Jenny Beavan

Quentin Bell

Beverley and Terry Bell Hughes

Tony Benham

Suzanne Bergne

& David Body (Scarfskerry Pottery)

Clive Bowen (Shebbear Pottery)

Alison Britton

Alan Brough

Sandy Brown

David Burnham

Karin Buser

Isaac Button

Colin Buzzard

Alan Caiger-Smith

John Calver

Michael Cardew

Willie Carter

Claudia Casanovas

Barbara Cass (The Arden Pottery)

Michael Casson

Robert Cholawo

David Cleverly

Margery Clinton

Russell Collins

Ernest Collyer

Christine Constant

Irini Constantinidis

Hans Coper

Mike Cox

Gordon Cramp (Mile Oak Pottery)

Adrienne Crow (Rath Pottery)

Jill Crowley

Rowland Curtis

Dartington Workshops

John Davidson

Douglas Davies Pottery

Dick Dinsdale

Elaine Dick

Stephen Dixon

Sheila Dobson

Mick Dodd

Ruth Duckworth

Elizabeth Dunn

David Eeles (Shepperds Well Pottery)

Philip Eglin

Suzanne Ellis

Glenn Ettienne

Jill Fanshaw-Kato

Dorothy Feibleman

Joe and Trudi Finch (Appin Pottery)

Winchcombe Pottery (Ray Finch, Elijah Comfort, Michael
Carden, Sidney Tustin, Iuan Martin, Chris Harries, John Solly, Susan Wood,
Donald Jones, John Shelly, Esias Bosch, Colin Pearson, Gwyn Hawssen, Joe
Finch, John Leach, Stephen Pearce, Peter Dick, Nirmala Patwardhan, Mike
Finch, Trudi Finch, Alex McErlain, Jim Webster, Toft Milway, Nina Davies,
Eddie Hopkins)

R. G. Flexen

David and Margaret Firth (Brookhouse Pottery)

Michael Flynn

& Sheila Fournier (The Fournier Pottery)

Steven Forster

Ruth Franklin

Liz Fritsch

Michael Gaitskell

Tony Gant

Judith Gilmour

Vivienne Grant

Ian Godfrey

Belen Gomez Ceramics

Colin Gorry

Teena Gould

Caroline Bousfield Gregory (Workshop)

Ian Gregory

Linda Gunn-Russell

Barry Guppy

Mike Halligan

Morgen Hall

Jane Hamlyn

Charlotte Hargreaves

Jerry Harper

Clive Hickinbottom

Tobias Harrison

Christa Maria Hermann

Ned Heywood

Karin ?Hesenberg

Mollie Hillam

John Hodgson

Andrew Holden

Nicholas Homoky

Paul Huber

Tim Huckstepp

Glyn Hugo

Simon Hulbert

Vivica Hunter

Box No. 63

File Ref. POT1

Neil Ions

Bernard Irwin

Jeremy James

Nicole Johns

Jennifer Jones

David Lloyd Jones

Madoline Keeler

Jim Keeling

Walter Keeler

& Susan Kellam (The Lion Brewery)

Dan Kelly

Paula Kelly

Ian Kinnear

Dennis Lacey

Hilary Laforce

Jean Paul Landreau

Peter Larter

Richard Launder

Avril Laws

Bernard, David & Janet Leach (The Leach

John Leach (The Muchelney Pottery)

Jennifer Lee

Kaz Lever

Eileen Lewenstein

Chris Lewis

Andrew Lloyd

Lotus Pottery (Michael and Elizabeth Skipwith)

Patricia Low

Sophie MacCarthy

Christopher Magarshack (The Well Walk Pottery)

West Marshall (Whittington Pottery)

William Marshall

Andrew McGarva

Carol McNicoll

Kate Malone

John Maltey

Steve Mattison

William Mehornay

Eric James Mellon

Christine Merton

Paul H. Metcalfe

John Middlemiss

Sally Mills

Maureen Minchin

Ursula Mommens

Pauline Monkcom

John Mullin

Emily Myers

Kimpei Nakamura

Siooig El’Nigoumi

Anna Noel

Sara Noel

John Nuttgens

Elspeth Owen

Warwick Parker

Colin Pearson

Grayson Perry

Jane Perryman

Pompeo Pianezzola

Richard Phethean

Anthony Phillips

Nancy Pickard

Graham Piggott

Henry Pim

Katharine Pleydell Bouverie

John Pollex

Kenn Potter

Philomena Pretsell

Deborah Prosser

Jim Robinson (Booth House Pottery)

John Piper

Jacqueline Poncelet

Box No. 64

File Ref. POT1

Elizabeth Raeburn

Julian Rea

Stanislas Reychans

Lucie Rie

David Roberts

Anne Marie Robinson

Jim Robinson (Booth House Pottery and Gallery)

Mary Rogers

& Theresa Rogers (Elsham Pottery)

Phil Rogers (Marston Pottery)

Esperanza Romero

Duncan Ross

Dennis Ruabon

Tessa Rubbra

Antonia Salmon

& Julie Saxton (The Saxton Pottery)

Paul Scott

Peter Scott

David Seeger

Les Sharpe

Laurie Short

Ray Silverman

Peter Simpson

Peter J. Simpson

Penny Tajima-Simpson

Richard Slee

Jane Smith

Peter Smith

Rupert Spira

Julian Stair

William Staite Murray

Peter Starkey

Sally Somerville

Gillian Still

Frank Storm

Norman Stuart Clarke

Michael Sutty

Taja (Yasuharu Tajima) (Cross Tree Pottery)

Marylin Tabatznik

Sutton Taylor

Janice Tchalenko

Sabina Teuteberg

Madhumita Rose Thomas

John Tilton

James Tower

Marianne de Trey

Ruthanne Tudball

Sue Varley

George Walker

Peter Walker (Mull Pottery)

Keith Wallis

Sarah Walton

Pip Chedgzoy Warwick

Jason Wason

Judy Weedon

Penelope Weir (Creagdhu Pottery)

Peter Welch

Robin Welch

Theo Walley

Tony White

Kate Wickham

Bronwyn Williams-Ellis

Graham Williamson

Mary Wondrausch

Rosemary Wren

Andrew Wood

Philip Wood

Gary Wornell

Takeshi Yasuda



Mary Rose Young

Monica Young

Also one file containing newspaper articles
and biographical passages about the following:

Peter Beard

Alison Britton

Sheila Casson

Jill Crowley

Sally Dawson

Mike Dodd

George Elliott

Annie Fatet

Dorothy Feibleman

Ruth Franklyn

Jane Hamlyn

Andrew Holden

David Lloyd Jones

John Leach

Eileen Lewenstein

Jim Malone

Carol McNicoll

Ben Nicholson

Jacqui Poncelet

Lucie Rie

Jill Watts

David Winkley

Box No. 65

File Ref. POT2

Potteries (Prominent individuals are given
in brackets)

Abbey Ceramics

Allandale Pottery Ltd

Allison Pottery

Armitage Shanks

Boscean Pottery

Briglin Pottery Ltd (Brigitta Appleby et

Buchlyvie Pottery Shop

Caoldair Potter (Mick Arnold & Lynda

Ceramic Consultants (Tarquin & Elizabetth

Church Square Ceramics

C. H. Brannan Ltd

Clare Craft

Coll Pottery

Dingwall Ceramics

Dornoch Pottery

Elmwood Pottery, London

English Country Pottery

Fellside Pottery (Thomas Edward Hughes)

Fullham Pottery

Fonthill Pottery (Emmanuel Cooper & H.
I. Hassan)

Furdbreck Pottery

Glazed Expressions

Glynderi Pottery, Sennybridge

Griselda Hill Pottery

Henry Watson’s Potteries Ltd

Highland Stoneware (Scotland) Ltd

Hornsea Pottery Co Ltd

Island Porcelain Ltd

Jacqueline Norris Ceramics

JCJ Pottery

Laurieston House Pottery (Jason Shackleton)

Loudware Collection

Mclaggan Smith Mugs Ltd

Mason’s Ironstone

Minton Ltd

Neatham Pottery (Robert Goldsmith)

Nelson (Harry Nelson Ceramics)

The Illustrated Potter

The Oxshott Pottery (Rosemary Wren & Peter

Elli Pearson Pottery

Penhalvean Pottery


Graham Piggott

Poldrate Pottery

Poole Pottery

Rainbow Pottery (Terri Holman and Brian

Royal Winton

Royal Worcester Spode

Rye Pottery

Shelf Pottery

Shetland Workshop Gallery

SKS Pottery

South Lissons Pottery (David and Hilde MacGregor)

Speen Pottery

Springfield Pottery, Hartland

Staffordshire Potteries Ltd

Stornoway Pottery

John Struthers

Suffolk Potteries

Swanbister Ceramics

Towy Pottery

Truro Pottery

Winchcombe Pottery (Ray Finch)


Wetheriggs Country Pottery (Mr Thorburn)

White Roding Pottery

Wobage Farm Pottery (Michael & Sheila
Casson and Andrew McGarva)


Box No. 66

File Ref. PUB1

Book Reviews, Booksellers’ Lists, Publicity
Material, etc.

Box No. 67

File Ref. PUB2


An Historical Review of Art, Commmerce and Craftsmanship by Harry Davis (Text of a lecture) c. 1970

International Ceramic Industries Manual 1971

Pottery by Jolyon Hofsted. Pan Craft Books 1972

Value Added Tax: General Guide. HM Customs & Excise 1972

Value Added Tax: Scope and Coverage. HM Customs & Excise 1972

Clay – Working on the Wheel by Ben Bates & Derek Clarkson c.1974

Clay – Working Without a Wheel by
Ben Bates c.1974

Aberystwyth Ceramics by Moira Vincentelli 1979

Provision for the Crafts in Northern Ireland: an Arts
Council of Northern Ireland Report

The Craftsman’s Directory compiled by Stephen &
Jean Lance 1981

Arts Review Yearbook 1982

Design of Free Standing Walls by
J. O. A. Korff 1983

Loadbearing Brickwork Crosswall Construction W. G. Curtin, et al. 1983

Designing in Reinforced Brickwork by
W. G. Curtin et al. 1983

A Gamble on the Wheel, Daphne Davey

Extraction and Restoration

The Clay Industries including the Fictile & Ceramic
Arts on the banks of the Severn,
John Randall, Salop 1877

Catalogue of Early Studio Pottery in the Collections
of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
May 1986

Brickmaking, A History and Gazetteer 1979

The Art of the Slate 1989

The Leeds Pottery, Hunslet, near Leeds, 1770-1881,

Box No. 68

File Ref. PUB3


Ceramic Archive Newsletter, Bulletin of the Ceramic
Archive, The University of Wales, Aberystwyth
no. 1, July 1997

The Artist 555, May 1977


no. 10 Sept. 1984

no. 11 Oct. 1984

no. 14 Feb. 1985

Ceramics Nov. 1985

Ceramics in Art and Industry

no. 2 1939

no. 5 1947

Ceramics Industries Journal, February
1983, April 1983

The Civil Service Argus, October 1964

Craft and Hobby Dealer, April 1981

Craft Chronicles

no.1 1978

no.2 1978

no.3 1980

Craft Quarterly 1, Summer 1981

Crafts Review

no.4 n.d. (?1959)

no.5 n.d. (?1959)

Creative Crafts, Nov. 1974, April 1975, June 1975, Aug. 1975

Current Archaeology, nos. 88, 124, 130, 131, 132, 146

Designer, Feb. 1983, March 1983, April 1983, May 1983, June 1983

Designing, no. 15, Summer 1987


no. 45 Nov./Dec. 1985

no. 49 March/April 1986

no. 50 May/June 1986

no. 51 July/Aug. 1986

London Information (Poster), Sept. 1979

Medieval Ceramics, vol. 16, 1992

Marxism Today, July 1982

Minerva Sept./Oct. 1992, Oct. 1987

The Potter, Dec. 1982

Preview, May 1991

Review, no. 3, n.d.

Tableware International, April 1983, May 1983, Aug. 1983, Sept. 1983, Nov. 1983

Trade Craft, Oct./Dec. 1978


Box No. 69

File Ref. NUK1/1

Council of Europe

File Ref. NUK1/2

International Academy of Ceramics

File Ref. NUK1/3

World Crafts Council

Box No. 70

File Ref. NUK2

Individual Potters

File Ref. NUK3

Courses and Symposia

File Ref. NUK4

Publications and Exhibitions

Box No. 71

File Ref. NUK4/1/a

BENELUX (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg)

Box No. 72

File Ref. NUK4/1/b

BENELUX (cont.)

Box No. 73

File Ref. NUK4/2/a

Germany and Austria


Box No. 74

File Ref. NUK4/2/b

Germany and Austria (cont.)


Box No. 75

File Ref. NUK4/3

Greece, Turkey and Italy

Box No. 76

File Ref. NUK4/4

France and Switzerland

Box No. 77

File Ref. NUK4/5

Spain and Portugal

File Ref. NUK4/6

USSR and Eastern Europe

Box No. 78

File Ref. NUK4/7


Box No. 79

File Ref. NUK4/8

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Jamaica

File Ref. NUK4/9


Box No. 80

File Ref. NUK4/10

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Japan

Box No. 81

File Ref. NUK4/11

Middle East and India

File Ref. NUK4/12

Eire: Periodicals

File Ref. NUK4/12/a

The Potter (Craft Potters Society of Ireland)

Oct./Dec. 1979

July/Sept. 1979

Jan./March 1980

April/June 1980

July/Sept. 1980

Vol. 3 No. 4 Oct./Dec. 1980

Vol. 4 No. 1 Spring 1981

File Ref. NUK4/12/b

Craft Potters Newsletter (Craft Potters Soc. of Ireland)

Vol. 1 No. 1 Jan. 1983

Vol. 1 No. 2 April 1983

Vol. 1 No. 3

Vol. 1 No. 4

File Ref. NUK4/12/c

The Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter

No. 4 Oct. 1975

Jan. 1977, May/June 1977, Sept./Oct. 1977,
Nov./Dec. 1977, March/April 1978, May/June 1978, July/Aug. 1978, Nov./Dec.
1978, Jan./Feb. 1979, March/April 1979, July/Aug. 1979, Sept./Oct. 1979,
Nov./Dec. 1979, Jan./Feb. 1980, March/April 1980, May/June 1980, July/Aug.
1980, Nov./Dec. 1980, Jan./Feb. 1981, May/June 1981, July/Aug. 1981, Christmas
1981, Jan./March 1982, April/June 1982, Jan./Feb. 1983, March/April 1983,
May/June 1983, July/Aug. 1983, Sept./Oct. 1983, Nov./Dec. 1983, Jan./Feb.
1984, March/April 1984, May/June 1984, July/Aug. 1984, Nov./Dec. 1984,
Jan./Feb. 1985, May/June 1985, July/Aug. 1985, Sept./Oct. 1985, Nov./Dec.
1985, Jan./Feb. 1986, March/April 1986, May/June 1986, July/Aug. 1986,
Sept./Oct. 1986, Nov./Dec. 1988

Box No. 82

File Ref. NUK4/13


File Ref. NUK4/13/1

Artweek Vol. 9 No. 9, 4 March 1978

Anderson Ranch Arts Centre, Summer Workshops 1985

Ceramic Arts no. 1 Spring 1983

Ceramic Arts Newsletter

no. 12 Fall 1990

no. 14 Fall 1991

no. 15 Spring 1992

Potters for Peace News, Issue 1 May 1993

The Shards Newsletter, Vol. 1 no. 1 Spring 1980

Art Hazard News

Vol. 2 No. 4 May 1979

Vol. 2 No. 6 July 1979

Vol. 2 No. 7 Aug. 1979

Vol. 2 No. 8 Sept. 1979

Vol. 2 No. 10 Dec. 1979

Vol. 3 No. 1 Jan./Feb. 1980

Vol. 3 No. 3 April 1980

Vol. 3 No. 6 July 1980

Vol. 3 No. 10 Dec. 1980

Vol. 4 No. 1 Jan. 1981

Vol. 4 No. 3 April 1981

Vol. 4 No. 5 June/July 1981

Vol. 4 No. 6 Aug. 1981

Vol. 4 No. 8 Oct. 1981

Vol. 4 No. 11 Nov. 1981

Vol. 4 No. 12 Dec. 1981

Vol. 5 No. 1 Jan. 1981

Vol. 5 No. 4 May 1981

Vol. 5 No. 6 July 1981

Vol. 5 No. 9 Oct./Nov. 1982

Vol. 5 No. 10 Dec. 1982

Vol. 6 No. 1 Jan. 1983

Vol. 6 No. 2 Feb./March 1983

Vol. 6 No. 3 April 1983

Vol. 6 No. 5 June 1983

Vol. 6 No. 7 Sept. 1983

Vol. 6 No. 9 Nov. 1983

Vol. 7 no. 1 Jan./Feb. 1984

Vol. 7 no. 2 March 1984

Vol. 7 no. 3 April 1984

Vol. 7 no. 5 June 1984

Vol. 7 no. 7 Sept. 1984

Vol. 7 no. 9 Nov. 1984

Vol. 8 no. 1 Jan./Feb. 1985

Vol. 8 no. 5 June 1985

Vol. 9 no. 5 1986

Vol. 9 no. 6 1986

Vol. 9 no. 7 1986

Vol. 11 no. 10 1988

Vol. 12 no. 1 1989

Vol. 12 no. 9 1989

Vol. 13 no. 2 1990

Vol. 13 no. 3 1990

Vol. 13 no. 5 1990

Vol. 13 no. 8 1990

Vol. 13 no. 10 1990

Vol. 14 no. 3 1991


n.d. (1980)

n.d. (?1980)

Craft International, Autumn 1981, April 1983

Crafts Annual

Vol. 7 1979

The Goodfellow Review of Crafts

Vol. 7, Issue 4 Nov./Dec. 1979

Vol. 8, Issue 3 May/June 1980

Vol. 8, Issue 5 Sept./Oct. 1980

Vol. 8, Issue 6 Nov./Dec. 1980

Vol. 9, Issue 4 July/Aug. 1981

Vol. 9, Issue 6 Nov./Dec. 1981

Guild Bulletin (International Guild of Craft Journalists Authors & Photographers)

No. 4 June 1977

National Craftsman

Vol. 1 No. 1 1976

NCECA Newsletter

Vol. 6 No. 5 Spring 1983

Pottery Collectors Newsletter

Vol. 5 no. 10 Dec. 1976

Vol. 6 no. 1 Jan./Feb. 1977

Vol. 6 no. 2 March 1977

Vol. 6 no. 3 April 1977

Vol. 8 No. 3 May/June 1979

Vol. 10 No. 5 Sept./Oct. 1981

Vol. 10 No. 6 Nov./Dec. 1981

Vol. 11 No. 1 Jan./Feb. 1982

Source Directory: Native American Owned and Operated
Arts and Crafts Businesses,

Studio Potter

Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall 1972

Vol. 4 No. 1 Summer 1975

Vol. 5 No. 1 Summer 1976

Vol. 5 No. 2

Box No. 83

File Ref. NUK4/13/2

Exhibitions etc.

Box No. 84

File Ref. NUK4/13/3

Miscellaneous Potters Newsheets

File Ref. NUK4/13/3a

The Crafts Report

Vol. 9 no. 88 Feb. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 89 March 1983

Vol. 9 no. 90 April 1983

Vol. 9 no. 91 May 1983

Vol. 9 no. 92 June 1983

Vol. 9 no. 93 July/Aug. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 94 Sept. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 95 Oct. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 96 Nov. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 97 Dec. 1983

Vol. 9 no. 98 Jan. 1984

Vol. 10 no. 101 April 1984

Vol. 10 no. 102 May 1984

Vol. 10 no. 103 June 1984

Vol. 10 no. 104 July 1984

Vol. 10 no. 105 Aug./Sept. 1984

Vol. 10 no. 106 Oct. 1984

Vol. 10 no. 107 Nov. 1984

Vol. 10 no. 108 Dec. 1984

Vol. 11 no. 109 Jan. 1985

Vol. 11 no. 110 Feb. 1985

Vol. 11 no. 112 April 1985

Vol. 11 no. 113 May 1985

Vol. 11 no. 114 June 1985

Vol. 11 no. 116 Aug./Sept. 1985

Vol. 12 no. 121 Feb. 1986

Vol. 12 no. 123 April 1986

Vol. 12 no. 124 May 1986

Vol. 12 Sept. 1986

Vol. 13 no. 131 Jan. 1987

Vol. 13 no. 133 March 1987

Box No. 85

File Ref. NUK4/13/3b

Crafts International

July-Sept. 1983, Oct.-Dec. 1983, Jan.-March
1984, April-June 1984, Oct.-Dec. 1984, Jan.-March 1985, April-June 1985,
July-Sept. 1985, Jan.-March 1986, April-June 1986

Craft News

Vol. 4 Issue 17 Summer 1992

Vol. 4 Issue 18 Autumn 1992

Vol. 5 Issue 19 Winter/Spring 1993

Box No. 86

File Ref. NUK4/14


File Ref. NUK4/14/1


File Ref. NUK4/14/1a

Artisan (Canadian Crafts Council)

No. 1 May 1976

No. 2 Aug. 1976

Vol. 1 No. 1 April/May 1977

Vol. 1 No. 3 Sept./Oct. 1977

Vol. 1 No. 4 Nov./Dec. 1977

Vol. 1 No. 5 Jan./Feb. 1978

Vol. 1 No. 6 March/April 1978

Vol. 1 No. 8 Sept./Dec. 1978

Vol. 2 No. 1 Jan./Feb. 1979

Vol. 2 No. 2 March/April 1979

Vol. 2 No. 3 May/June 1979

Vol. 2 No. 4 Sept./Oct. 1979

Vol. 2 No. 5 Nov./Dec. 1979

Vol. 3 No. 3 Summer 1980

Vol. 3 No. 4 Fall 1980

Vol. 3 No. 5 Year End 1980

Vol. 4 No. 1 Winter 1981

Vol. 4 No. 2 Spring 1981

Vol. 4 No. 3 Summer 1981

Vol. 4 No. 4 Fall 1981

Vol. 4 No. 5 Year End 1981

Vol. 5 No. 1 Winter 1982

Vol. 5 No. 2 Spring 1982

Vol. 5 No. 3 Summer 1982

Vol. 5 No. 4 Fall 1982

File Ref. NUK4/14/1b

Alberta Potters Association News Letter

Aug. 1983

May 1984

no. 19 Feb. 1985

Issue 27 Jan. 1987

Vol. 36 Sept. 1989

Vol. 37 Nov. 1989

Vol. 38 Jan. 1980

Vol. 40 June 1990

Vol. 43 March 1991

Vol. 47 Oct. 1992


Contact (Alberta Potters Association)

Vol. 41 Autumn 1979

Vol. 42 Winter 1979-80

Vol. 45 Winter 1980-1

Vol. 46/47 Spring/Summer 1981

Vol. 49/50 Spring/Summer 1982

Vol. 52 Spring 1983

Box No. 87

File Ref. NUK4/14/1d

Crafts Canada

Feb./March 1976, June/July 1976, June/July
1977, Oct./Nov. 1977, Dec./Jan. 1977-8, Feb./Mar. 1978, April/May 1978,
June/July 1978, Aug./Sept. 1978, Dec./Jan. 1978, Feb./March 1979, April/May


Tactile (Canadian Guild of Potters)

Nov. 1968, March 1971, Jan. 1972, March
1972, May 1972, July/Aug. 1972, Sept./Oct. 1972, Nov./Dec. 1972, Jan./Feb.
1973, Mar./April 1973, May/June 1973, July/Aug. 1973, Nov. /Dec. 1973,
May/June 1974, July/Aug. 1974, Sept./Oct. 1974, Nov./Dec. 1974, Jan./Feb.
1975, May/June 1975, July/Aug. 1975, Sept./Oct. 1975

Box No. 88

File Ref. NUK/4/14/1f

Ontario Potter (Ontario Potters Association)

Fall/Winter 1976, Spring/Summer 1977, Fall/Winter 1977, Spring/Summer 1978,
Fall/Winter 1978, Spring/Summer 1979, Fall/Winter 1979, Spring Summer 1980,
Fall/Winter 1980, Spring/Summer 1981, Fall/Winter 1982

File Ref. NUK/4/14/1g

Ontario Potters News (Ontario Potters Association)

Vol. 4 No. 3 Oct. 1979

Vol. 4 No. 5 Jan. 1980

Vol. 4 No. 6 March 1980

Vol. 5 No. 2 July 1980

Vol. 5 No. 5 Jan. 1981

Vol. 5 No. 6 March 1981

Vol. 6 No. 2 July 1981

Vol. 6 No. 3 Oct. 1980

Vol. 6 No. 5 Jan. 1982

Vol. 6 No. 6 March 1982

Vol. 7 No. 1 Oct. 1982

Vol. 7 No. 4 March 1983

Vol. 8 No. 1 Oct. 1983

Vol. 8 No. 3 Jan. 1984

Vol. 8 No. 4 April 1984

File Ref. NUK/4/14/1h

Craftsman (Ontario Crafts Council)

Vol. 2 No. 1 Feb. 1977

Vol. 2 No. 4 Aug. 1977

Vol. 2 No. 6 Dec. 1977

Vol. 3 No. 1 Feb. 1978

Vol. 3 No. 2 April 1977

Vol. 3 No. 4 Aug. 1978

Vol. 3 No. 5 Oct. 1978

Vol. 4 No. 1 Feb. 1978

Vol. 4 No. 2 April 1979

Vol. 4 No. 3 June 1979

Vol. 4 No. 4 Aug. 1979

Vol. 4 No. 5 Oct. 1979

File Ref. NUK/4/14/1i

Craft News (Ontario Crafts Council)

Vol. 2 No. 5 Sept. 1977

Vol. 3 No. 1 Jan. 1978

Vol. 3 No. 4 July 1978

Vol. 5 No. 1 Jan. 1980

Vol. 5 No. 5 July 1980

Vol. 8 No. 3 April 1983

Vol. 8 No. 5 July 1983

Vol. 8 No. 6 Aug. 1983

Vol. 8 No. 8 Nov. 1983

Vol. 9 No. 2 Feb. 1984

Vol. 9 No. 4 April 1984

Vol. 9 No. 5 July 1984

Vol. 9 No. 6 Aug. 1984

Vol. 9 No. 7 Oct. 1984

Vol. 9 No. 8 Nov. 1984

Vol. 10 No. 1 Jan. 1985

Vol. 10 No. 4 April 1985

Vol. 10 No. 6 Aug. 1985

Vol. 11 No. 2 Feb. 1986

Vol. 11 No. 8 Nov. 1986

Vol. 17 No. 3 July/Aug. 1992

File Ref. NUK4/14/1j

Craft Ontario

Vol. 5 No. 1 Spring 1971

Vol. 5 No. 3 Sept. 1971

Box No. 89

File Ref. NUK4/14/1k

Craft Dimensions (Canadian Guild of Crafts)

Oct. 1970, June 1971, June/July 1975

File Ref. NUK4/14/1l

Craftsman (Canadian Craftsmens’

Vol. 5 No. 1 1972

Vol. 5 No. 4 1972

Vol. 6 No. 1 1973

Vol. 6 No. 2 1973

File Ref. NUK4/14/1m

Western Potter (British Columbia Guild of Potters)

No. 3 Oct. 1965

No. 23 July 1971

No. 24 Sept. 1971

File Ref. NUK4/14/1n

N.B. Crafts Council Newsletter

April/May 1981, June/July 1981, Aug./Sept.
1981, Nov./Dec. 1981, July/Sept. 1982, Oct./Dec. 1982

File Ref. NUK4/14/1o

Scotia Designer Craftsmen Newsletter
No. 9, June 1980

File Ref. NUK4/14/1p

National Biennial of Ceramics, 1990

File Ref. NUK4/14/2

Exhibitions, etc.


Box No. 90

File Ref. MIS1

Audio-visual aids, catalogues, correspondence,
press releases, etc.

Visual Education magazine, March 1957, Feb. 1971

File Ref. MIS2

Competitions and Awards:

Entry forms, publicity material, cuttings,
etc., relating to art, craft and design competitions and awards, both domestic
and international. Also material relating to connected exhibitions.

Box No. 91

File Ref. MIS3

Health and Safety:

Publications, press releases, cuttings,
etc., relating to safety equipment for potters, and the dangers of lead
poisoning from glazes.

File Ref. MIS4

Trade fairs, craft fairs, exhibitions, festivals

Box No. 92

File Ref. MIS5

Trade fairs, craft fairs, exhibitions, festivals

Box No. 93

File Ref. MIS6


Text of a lecture by W. Staite Murray

Correspondence not included elsewhere.

Cuttings relating to pottery.

Material relating to workshops for hire
and other services for craftsmen

Miscellaneous unsorted material and ephemera

Box No. 94

File Ref. MIS7


Correspondence, Cuttings, etc.

Box No. 95

File Ref. MIS8

International Potters Festival Aberystwyth

Publicity leaflets, etc., souvenir brochures,
events schedules, etc., from each Festival 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995
+ reviews

Box No. 96

File Ref. MIS9

Ceramics Collection/Education

Correspondence re events, exhibitions, loans,
etc., 1983-9






CPA: Records of the Craft Potters Association

Records collected by the Craft Potters Association:

ORG: Organisations

SUP: Potters Suppliers


Additional papers of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceramic Archive,
deposited in the Library in November 2000 per Dr Moira Vincentelli,
School of Art, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth.

The archive contains additional material relating to the founding of the
Craft Potters Association, its minutes, and activities of the association.

There is also a large body of records of the South Wales Potters Association.

Readers wishing to consult items from this archive should quote both
the box number and file reference.


Box no. 97

File ref. CPA1/2

Correspondence of the Rural Industries Bureau and Potters relating to the
formation of Craft Potters Association of Great Britain, 25 July 1956 – Feb.

File ref. CPA1/3

Correspondence, invitations and minutes of the Craft Potters Association
Foundation Meeting, London, 22 Feb. 1958

File ref. CPA1/4

Correspondence and notes relating to the registration and rules of Craft
Potter’s Association, 1957-8

Prospectus of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain Limited

Rules of the Craftsmen Potters Association of Great Britain Limited

Rules of the Association for Craftsmen Furniture Makers Limited, Gwasg
y Dydd, Dolgelley, 1957

Box no. 98

File ref. CPA2/5

Correspondence, minutes and notes relating to CPA Council Meetings, 1958-79

File ref. CPA2/6

Correspondence, council voting forms and results, AGM minutes, 1959-80

File ref. CPA2/7

Council Minutes, Agenda, AGM minutes, 1996-8

Box no. 99

File ref. CPA2/8

CPA correspondence, accounts, members, 1959-94

File ref. CPA2/9

Correspondence and publicity material, 1958-64

Box no. 100

File ref. CPA2/10

Correspondence and publicity material, 1966-81

File ref. CPA2/11

Proofs, articles and invoices, 1961-99

File ref. CPA2/12

Craftsmen Potters Trading Company Ltd: director’s report and financial
statements, 1996

File ref. CPA2/13

Ceramic Review Publishing Ltd: director’s report and financial statements,

Box no. 101

File ref. CPA2/14

CPA Membership Applications, Selection Committees agenda, correspondence,
acceptance letters, 1956-80

Box no. 102

File ref. CPA2/15

CPA Membership Applications, Selection Committee agenda, correspondence,
rejection letters, etc., 1963-82

Box no. 103

File ref. CPA2/16

Notebooks (3): New Members, Oct. 1967 – Nov. 1973

File ref. CPA2/17

Notebooks (6): Subscription records, Sept. 1968 – Nov. 1973

File ref. CPA2/18

Invoice book (contains list of Resignations of Associated Members from 18
Nov. 1971), 8 Oct. 1970 – 26 Nov. 1970

Box no. 104

File ref. CPA2/19

Financial correspondence, 1957-95

File ref. CPA2/20

CPA report and financial statements, 1996

File ref. CPA2/21

CPA Balance sheets, Corporation Tax assessments, VAT returns, etc., 1971-81

File ref. CPA2/22

Copies of staff deduction cards and employers statement, 1975-6, 1976-7

File ref. CPA2/23

Lottery Application, 1996

File ref. CPA2/24

Architect’s plan for CPA Centre, William Blake House, London, Jan. 1964

Sketch of CPA Centre, newspaper cutting concerning the development of the
centre, and two photographs

Agreement relating to the guarantee contained in a lease in favour of The
Craftsmen Potters Association of Great Britain Limited, 30 May 1963

Newspaper cuttings, relating to CPA centre, 1957 – c. 1970

Diary of Alterations at The Craft Potters Shop, 12 March – 26 Nov. 1959

The Craftsmen Potters Shop Handbook

Box no. 105

File ref. CPA2/25

Pottery Export Scheme and Rural Industries Bureau

Completed Questionnaires on Pottery Exports, Feb. 1956

Correspondence with Potters, concerning the organisation of an Export Exhibition.,
Jan-May 1956


Box no. 106

File ref. CPA3/3

CPA Exhibitions

Correspondence, exhibition leaflets, posters, reviews, catalogues, price
lists, entry forms, exhibition policy 1975, etc., 1958-77

Box no. 107

File ref. CPA3/4

CPA Exhibitions

General correspondence, exhibition leaflets, posters, reviews, catalogues,
price lists, entry forms, etc., 1978-97

Box no. 108

File ref. CPA3/5

Copies of Exhibition Catalogues, price lists, etc., 1968 – 97

CPA designs for posters, invitations, advertisements, etc.

Box no. 109

File ref. CPA3/6

Potters camps and weekends, 1970 – 97

Correspondence, publicity material, reservation forms, conference centres,

File ref. CPA3/7

International Exhibition of Ceramics at the Victoria and Albert Museum,
miscellaneous forms and tickets, 1972

File ref. CPA3/8

Exhibitions at Holkham Hall and Blakeney Guild of Many Crafts, Norfolk,

Box no. 110

File ref. CPA3/9a

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and advertisements relating to exhibitions

Box no. 111

File ref. CPA3/9b

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and advertisements relating to exhibitions



Box no. 112

File ref. ORG2/3a

Craft Potters of South Wales Annual General Meeting minutes, 1964-6, 1967-73,
1981-93, 1998, 2000

File ref. ORG2/3b

Completed Questionnaire Forms – future of the Annual conference

File ref. ORG2/3c

Ballot papers relating to Presidency of South Wales Potters, 1993

Box no. 113

File ref. ORG2/3d

Exercise book containing various committee minutes, 1973-81

File ref. ORG2/3e

Executive committee minutes, 1981-94

File ref. ORG2/3f

SWP Council meetings, 1990-5

Box no. 114

File ref. ORG2/3g

Constitution and Policies, 1970-90

File ref. ORG2/3h

Accounts, 1985-98

Financial policy, 1988

File ref. ORG2/3i

SWP Job descriptions – secretary, treasurer, events officer

File ref. ORG2/3j

Individual officers reports and lists of team members

File ref. ORG2/3k

Lists of Officers and members of council, 1986-94 and undated

File ref. ORG2/3l

SWP Potted history, 1964-78

File ref. ORG2/3m

The Regional Arts Association, magazine article / cutting, 1975

Box no. 115

File ref. ORG2/3n

General correspondence, 1965-94

Box no. 116

File ref. ORG2/3o

Address book, containing list of members and addresses, 1971-91

File ref. ORG2/3p

Membership lists, 1982, 1987-90, 1992-4, 1998

File ref. ORG2/3q i-v

Membership application forms with enclosed questionnaire, 1988, 1991-4



Box no. 117

File ref. ORG2/3r

Exhibition catalogues, pamphlets, invitations etc.

File ref. ORG2/3s

Questionnaire, relating to events calendar, 1983

File ref. ORG2/3t

Events – application forms, programmes of events, potters camps, lectures,
seminars, workshops, visits, etc.

File ref. ORG2/3u

Events committee meetings, 1986-9

File ref. ORG2/3v

Correspondence, pamphlets, etc. re the Garden Festival of Wales, Ebbw Vale,

Garden Festival Wales catalogue, South Wales Potters, The Potters’ Garden



Box no. 118

File ref. ORG2/3w

South Wales Potters, pamphlet, c. 1974

File ref. ORG2/3x

SWP Portfolio

A representative collection of members’ work:

Maggie Beirne

Pat Benard

Gillian Bliss

Melanie Brown

Carol Bryan

Do Burgess

Susin Carr

Rosemary Cochrane

Molly Curley

Margaret Espley-Jones

Liz Fosbury

Su Graves

Shirley Griffiths

Frank Hamer

Janet Hamer

David Hewitt

Ned Heywood

Ollie Kent

Barbara Lock

Joanna Mallin-Davies

James Milroy

Pauline and Trevor Paterson

Margaret Power

Christopher White

Angela Wilkes

Bridget Williams

File ref. ORG2/3y

CPSW Newsletter

Feb. 1968

Oct. 1968

File ref. ORG2/3y

South Wales Potters Newsletter, no. 62, March 1969

June 1969

Nov. 1969

March 1986

File ref. ORG2/3y


no. 75, Feb. 1990

no. 77, June 1990

no. 99, Feb. 1996

no. 100, May 1996

no. 101, Sept. 1996

no. 102, March 1997

no. 103, Aug./Sept. 1997

no. 104, Dec. 1997

no. 105, April 1998

no. 106, Sept. 1998

no. 107, Feb. 1999

no. 111, Aug. 2000

File ref. ORG2/3y

South Wales Potters News Update

March 1996

April 1996

June 1996

Nov. 1996

Jan. 1997

Feb. 1997

May 1997

June 1997

Oct. 1997

Feb. 1998

June 1998

File ref. ORG2/3z

Clayworks, Newsletter of the North Wales Potters

Summer 1996

Winter 1996/7

Summer 1997

Autumn 1998

File ref. ORG2/3aa

VAN Update,

Vol. 5, Jan. 1996

Vol. 6, March 1996

Vol. 7, June 1996

Vol. 8, Sept. 1996

Vol. 9, Dec. 1996

Vol. 10, March 1997

Vol. 11, June 1997

Lottery Arts Capital Funding, The VAN Guides, 1977

The Voluntary Arts Network, Annual Report and financial statements for
the year ended 31st March 1996,

Artists Newsletter, Feb. 1989

Gallery News / Newyddion o’r Oriel Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth
Arts Centre, Spring/Gwanwyn 1994

Kanthal Hand Book, 1954, 1954

Global Ceramic Review

Issue 4/95, Winter 1995/6

Issue 2/96, Summer 1996

Issue 3/96, Autumn 1996

Issue 4/96, Winter 1996/7


Box no. 119

File ref. SUP 6

General Potters’ Suppliers

Catalogues, price lists, publicity material, press releases, correspondence,
invoices, etc. from the following:

Acme Marls Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

The AEW Engineering Co. Ltd., Norwich

Ailsa Refractory Linings, Ayrshire

The Albion Pulveriser Company Ltd., Birmingham

Allied Heat co. Ltd., Watford, Herts.

H. W. Anger & Son Ltd., Polstead, Suffolk

Auto Combustions Hoistrack Ltd., Telford, Salop

Boden Electronics Ltd., Newbury, Frome, Somerset

Borax Consolidated Ltd., London

William Boulton Ltd., Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

R. M. Catterson-Smith Ltd., Wembley

British Ceramic Service Co. Ltd., Newcastle, Staffs.

The Carborundum Company Ltd., St Helens, Lancashire

Clementsons (Potters & Millers) Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Corbic Tools, Gomshall, Surrey

Cotton Bros Longton Ltd., Staffordshire

Coupe & Tidman Ltd., Pontypridd, Glamorgan

A. L. Curtis (Onx) Ltd., Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

The Diamond Clay Co. Ltd., Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent

Dicks Asbestos and Insulating Co. Ltd., Silvertown, London

English China Clays Sales Co. Ltd., St Austell, Cornwall

English Clays Lovering Pochin Ltd., St Austell, Cornwall

Ferro Enamels Ltd., Wolverhampton

Fulham Pottery & Cheavin Filter Co. Ltd., London

General Refractories Ltd., Sheffield

J. Gimson & Co. Ltd., Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

Goonvean & Rostowrack China Clay Co. Ltd., St Austell, Cornwall

Gosling & Gatensbury Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

J. G. Gregory & Son, Stoke-on-Trent

Grose & Stocker Ltd., Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Hall & Pickles Ltd., London

Hargreaves Mill Ltd. Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Harrison & Son (Hanley) Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent

Hawker Siddeley

G. H. Heath & Sons, Greenhead

J. L. Henshaw & Co., Weymouth

J. Hewitt & Son (Fenton) Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent


Judson & Hudson Ltd., Keighley, Yorkshire

Walter Keeler

Keeling & Walker Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent

Kilns & Furnaces Ltd., Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

Kingscliffe Insulating Products Ltd., Loxley, Sheffield

Luxram Electric Ltd., London

T. G. May, Basildon, London

E. W. T. Mayer Ltd., Long Port, Stoke-on-Trent

Thomas Meadows & Company Ltd.

Meadows Airfreight Ltd.

Moira Pottery Co. Ltd., Burton on Trent

The Morgan Crucible Company Ltd., London

Morgan Refractories Ltd., Wirral, Cheshire

Mellor Mineral Mills Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent

Reg Newman, Bletchley, Bucks.

The North Devon Clay Co. Ltd., Torrington, Devon

E. J. & J. Pearson Ltd, Firebrick Works, Stourbridge

Pike Bros., Fayle & Co. Ltd., Wareham, Dorset

W. Podmore & Sons Ltd., Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent

Potclays Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent

Price’s National Teapots, Top Bridge Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

C. E. Ramsden, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

Bill Read’s Electric Potters Wheel Mk VII Design

Specialised Industrial Storage Systems Ltd., Cardiff

J. Stoddard & Sons Ltd., Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

Alec Tiranti Ltd., London

Watts, Blake, Bearne & Co. Ltd, Newton Abbot

</div></div>Bernard Webber Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Bernard Webber Ltd., Newcastle, Staffs.

Webcot Works, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

Wengers, Stoke-on-Trent