Paul Scott: New American Scenery

Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), New American Scenery, Sampler Jug Sampler Jugs Nos: 1 & 2, Stay Nasty, Big Bend & Hot Dogs. Earthenware jugs with pearlware glaze… designed by Paul Scott and Ed Bentley, 37cm x 40cm x 28cm. Model made by Ed Bentley, jugs fabricated by “Ceramics by Design”, Longton, Stoke on Trent, England.


Paul Scott: New American Scenery
09th July -25th September 2022

Paul Scott is well known for his provocative, politically conscious work. He uses familiar transfer-printed tableware designs like the Willow Pattern to comment on our life and times. This exhibition features ceramics inspired by the so-called ‘American transfer-ware’ that was made in 19th century Staffordshire and decorated with imagery celebrating the new American republic.

Many of the pieces on display have resulted from periods of travel and research in the USA, when he studied examples of American transfer-ware and visited the locations depicted. Paul’s up-dated views reflect current events as well as historical, social and environmental change. Back-stamps are printed on the reverse of each piece. Part signature, part narrative, they often provide substantial information about the subjects depicted.

These ceramics have involved technical wizardry. The original visual motifs of central image and border pattern are manipulated and seamlessly altered. Undecorated antique pieces are over-printed with contemporary views. Sometimes the Japanese method of Kintsugi has been employed, applying a mixture of resin and gold leaf to joins and cracks, thus honouring the marks of time and use.

Paul Scott is based in Cumbria, North West England. This exhibition marks 20 years since his work was first shown in the Ceramics Gallery at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. His ceramics are now held in many important collections world-wide, including the V&A Museum London, The National Decorative Arts Museum Norway, The Museum of Art and Design New York, The Smithsonian Institute Washington and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He was awarded a PhD in 2010 by Manchester Metropolitan University, where he was Research Fellow from 2012-2014. From 2011-2017 he was Professor of Ceramics at Oslo National Academy of Art. His book on the creative application of print techniques to clay is considered a definitive text. Ceramics and Print London: Bloomsbury; Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania 2013 [1994]

Jo Dahn June 2022.

Jo Dahn is an independent writer, curator and researcher. She is the author of new directions in ceramics; from spectacle to trace (Bloomsbury 2015)

Research in the USA supported by the Alturas Foundation

Research at Wedgwood, Spode and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London was supported by Arts Council England.

Paul Scott website

Paul Scott: New American Scenery Aberystwyth Exhibition Catalogue (PDF)

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