Tony White – Wales

8. Raku Duck, 2002 (10" x 4")
8. Raku Duck, 2002 (10″ x 4″)

Born in Leicestershire, Tony White trained in evening classes and is partly self-taught. He lives in Cymystwyth in Cardiganshire and for the last decade has earned his living through ceramics. He makes abstract vessel forms with strong brightly coloured decoration but is best known for his bird and animal sculptures. All his work is raku-fired.

Hand-modelled stoneware, raku-fired. The form is taken out of the kiln while still hot, plunged in sawdust and cooled rapidly which gives the crackled effect on the glaze. Although he makes various animal figures his duck has proved the most successful of all. It seems to have a distinctive and lively personality, which endears it to the viewer.