Alan and Ruth Barrett-Danes – Wales

4. Cabbage piece, 1978 (4" x 9" x 9")
4. Cabbage piece, 1978 (4″ x 9″ x 9″)

Since the 1960s Alan and Ruth Barrett-Danes have often produced pieces together although both also make individual work. Alan is usually responsible for the technical aspects of throwing or slipcasting, glazing and firing while Ruth has always specialised in hand-modelling and animal drawing. They live in Abergavenny and, until his retirement, Alan taught at Cardiff College of Art. During the 1970s they created a series of ceramic sculptures based on cabbages.

Slip-cast cabbage form with modelled figures, finished with a metallic lustre glaze. The effect is reminiscent of fairytale book illustration and mixes a highly realistic cabbage in both form and scale with the fantasy of the miniature creatures that crawl out from under the leaves.

5. Bowl with rabbit, 2002 (3" x 8.5")
5. Bowl with rabbit, 2002 (3″ x 8.5″)

Thrown earthenware bowl with painted decoration of leaping rabbits.