Taking Tea Education Pack

The aim of the small touring displays of ceramics with handling collection is to give children and the general public an opportunity to see work from the Aberystwyth Collection. The themes have been chosen so that they will support education projects that will help people learn more about ceramics but can also be used to develop other work including creative writing, art work, historical themes and social issues. Some suggested themes are listed below.

How things are made

How things are made. WORD FORMATThe handling collection has pieces mostly duplicating something in the exhibition which will allow discussion of ceramic techniques and materials.
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Tea pots, cups and mugs

  • What makes a good teapot? What are the advantages
    of ceramics as opposed to metal – or the disadvantages?
  • Why bother with a teapot when you can just use teabags?
  • When do you use a cup and saucer and when do you use a mug?
  • What different ways can you hold cups and mugs?
  • Look at different shapes

Themes that might be used to develop project work

  • The Mad Hatter’s tea party in Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

Other topics that could be developed

  • Find out about tea plantations and how they are organised
  • Find out more about the fair trade campaign and Fair trade tea
  • Who buys china with ladies in Welsh costume and why are Welsh ladies always drinking tea?

Word games and sheets for photocopying for use with younger children.

Word games and sheets for photocopyingClick on the image to download the word document.


For students of ceramics

Why have so many recent ceramists made work that is not functional yet
makes reference to traditional forms and objects?

Glossary and further information

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