Chaos, Flow, Meander

Geoffrey Swindell

Work from the Ceramic Collection inspired by natural forms.

Oriel Cerameg | Ceramic Gallery

Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Mai 5 May – Gorffennaf  15 July 2018

Gordon Baldwin

Alan & Ruth Barrett Danes

Beverley Bell Hughes

Christine Constant

Thiébaut Chagué

Marianne Rahneberg

Richard Slee

Geoffey Swindell

Mary White

& others

“Nothing which we can imagine about Nature is incredible.” Pliny the Elder

This exhibition features work in the Ceramic Collection made by ceramicists who are inspired by organic forms from nature.

Some create vessels that explore the intricacy of nature’s containers such as sea shells, insect cocoons and seed pods; intriguing forms whose interiors are never quite revealed. (Geoffrey Swindell, Mary White and Molly Winterbourne). Some play with the curve and line of botanical structures, producing forms with ruched edges and wavy lines, (Richard Slee, Deirdre Burnett) while others suggest aspects of geology in both shape and surface texture (Claudi Casanovas, Beverley Bell Hughes, Billy Adams). From fungi to flower, sea to shore, water to stone, the sheer pliancy of clay lends itself to work that embraces the forms, the movement and the endless variety of the natural world.