Moira Vincentelli interviewing Marlene ‘Munchie’ Rhoden about her pottery

Jamaican Pottery

Pot by Munchie
Pot by Munchie

Jamaica, January 1999.

Munchie talks about male and female ways of working

M.V. When your mother was young was it only women that made pots?

M.M. Yes, only women.

M.V. So when did men start making pots then?

M.M. They love the wheel, they don’t love this part, they love the easier part, the wheel.

M.V. The men like the easier part?

M.M. Yes they love the wheel but the woman love this ’cause they can do it like this.

M.V. Why do you think that is?

M.M. Why it is so nice, is so nice and you have a [unintelligible] electricity gone and you can still do a thing.

M.V. So do you find it very relaxing to do this?

M.M. Yes, very relaxing.

M.V. Makes you feel good?

M.M. Right it make you feel good and have nothing to think about when you doing it.