Schools Programme

Learning about ceramics

In conjunction with the Education Programme in the Arts Centre we can run workshops with local primary or secondary schools. The school children can spend the day at the Arts Centre, attending one session with Jill Piercy, a bilingual education officer in the Ceramic Gallery, and the other session in the studio with a ceramic tutor. Each session lasts about 2 hours

These workshops are generally themed around the current temporary exhibition in the gallery, although they can be tailored to the National Curriculum or other school activities. In the gallery, the children learn about the collection, make drawings, complete worksheets and watch videos. Teachers are given notes to do follow up work, and the Ceramic Archive and Collection website is frequently used as an educational resource.

In the pottery studio, the children get hands on experience with the clay and make a piece which they get to keep. They discover the properties of clay as a modelling material and a surface to be decorated, as well as learning the processes involved from modelling wet clay to producing a piece of fired ceramic.

The fact that children can go to the gallery and produce their own piece in the same environment on the same day amounts to a very valuable learning experience.

For further information, or to make a booking, please contact:
Amanda Trubshaw
Creative Learning Manager / Rheolwraig Dysgu Creadigol
01970 621609

We also offer Touring Exhibitions to venues, for further information please see the Touring Exhibitions.