PAUL WEARING: Flux and Poise

Ceramics Gallery Aberystwyth Arts Centre 16/10/2021-08/01/2022   flux & poise is an exhibition of new work stemming from my Material Matters project, funded by Arts Council of Wales. The body of work exhibited reveals key developments in my practice since July 2019 when resident at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, where I immersed myself in the diverse West Wales landscape. The project… Read More

Ceramics in Focus: Black ceramicists represented in the Ceramics Collection, Aberystwyth University.

The formation of the Ceramic Collection at Aberystwyth University coincided with the development of the British studio pottery movement between the two World Wars. In the Western canon of art at that time, African ceramics were still largely considered to be ethnographical objects in the context of museum collections. African sculpture and masks, however, were an important influence on Modernist… Read More

Ceramics in Lockdown

CERAMICS IN LOCKDOWN This is an online exhibition using pots in the Ceramic Collection to illustrate some of the experiences of lockdown. You are welcome to suggest a work from the collection to include in this exhibition, so explore the collection and let us know. If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of lockdown, please visit… Read More

Glue Bats and Tissue Paper

  Printing as a way of transferring designs on to pottery was first used in Minoan and Mycenaean societies using natural sponges to create shapes and mottled effects in liquid slip. Clay, wood and other natural materials were also used to print and impress decorative designs onto the clay surface.  Transfer printing on to ceramic surfaces developed in line with industrial techniques for printing on paper. In the 18th Century engravings and etchings on copper plates began to… Read More

Tanio | Ignite

The Incubator Project was initiated to give Wales based emerging makers the opportunity to study key areas of the University Ceramic Collection and make new work in response. Artists were invited through an open call. The aim was to help them bridge the gap between leaving education or training and to encourage artists to develop their practice while preparing for… Read More

Road to Discovery – Ceramics from Uzbekistan

22 June – 26th August 2019 This exhibition features contemporary examples of work by master potters from some of the main pottery producing areas in Uzbekistan. It explores Uzbekistan’s rich heritage in ceramic production alongside Welsh folk pottery traditions, such as the Buckley and Ewenny Slipware held in Aberystwyth University’s Ceramic Collection. It is currently available for touring please contact… Read More

The World at Our Fingertips

The World at Our Fingertips 15 June-13 July 2019 Old College, Aberystwyth Open: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm An exhibition featuring works in the collection acquired through the International Ceramics Festival over the past 30 years. Since 1987, the Collection has acquired work from the International Ceramics Festival held every two years at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. In over 30 years the… Read More

Kate Haywood: The Language of Clay – Traces

Kate Haywood’s exquisite porcelain forms are at once assured and delicate. Made with keen attention to detail, each form is precise and elegant. Kate has a passion for objects, sometimes hand-held objects, often objects from the past. She scours museum collections and researches archives to identify intriguing pieces and purposes. Kate’s recent work is inspired by children’s games, games from… Read More